Dundas, Ontario in 1869.

Welcome to the Lesslie Family of Dundas. The original diaries, correspondence, and other writings, donated to the Museum in the 1950s, form two fonds (a group of records created and maintained by an individual, family, organization, or business)  in the Dundas Museum and Archives: the Lesslie family fonds and the James Lesslie fonds. This sites is an attempt to provide access to these fascinating documents to those unable to visit the Museum in person to do so. We hope that using new tools to present old documents will make archives, and the material they hold, interesting to new audiences.

The site has been organized into categories. Each category is a member of the Lesslie family. Within the category might be material written by the individual, or sent to them. Annotations have been made in italics when necessary to clarify language or the identity of people mentioned. We have transcribed as faithfully as possible. This project is ongoing and evolving so please return from time to time to see any changes.

For further information about these archival records please visit the Dundas Museum and Archives.